Postbiotics: A novel strategy in food allergy treatment. "postbiotics due to their unique characteristics, may have safety superiority against their parent live cells and as a novel strategy can be applied for improvement immune tolerance and treatment of FA without any undesirable side-effects or human opportunistic infections, particularly in infants and pediatrics.

Aziz Homayouni, Rad, Leili Aghebati Maleki, Hossein Samadi Kafil & Amin Abbasi (2021) Postbiotics: A novel strategy in food allergy treatment,  Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, 61:3, 492-499

Anti-Allergy Activity of Postbiotics

The use of certain strains of nonviable bacteria, which have been proven to have anti allergenic effects on the body, Probably reduces typical allergic responses like peanut allergy and dust mite allergy“

Dharumadurai, D. Sathvik, G., Ravi, Methods and Protocols in Food Science . Humana, New York, NY (2024)

(R)Evolution in Allergic Rhinitis Add-On Therapy: From Probiotics to Postbiotics Supplementation with postbiotics could represent a very exciting perspective of treatment, bypassing probiotic limitations.

Capponi et al. .J. Clin. Med. 2022, 11(17), 5154;

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