Athletic Performances

It's Dead! Can Postbiotics Really Help Performance and Recovery? A Systematic Review. Nine peer-reviewed manuscripts and two published abstracts from conference proceedings were included and reviewed. Supplementation periods ranged from 13 days to 12 weeks. A total of 477 subjects participated in the studies (n = 16-105/study) with reported results spanning a variety of exercise outcomes including exercise performance, recovery of lost strength, body composition, perceptual fatigue and soreness, daily logs of physical conditions, changes in mood states, and biomarkers associated with muscle damage, inflammation, immune modulation, and oxidative stress.

The majority of sports nutrition takes an external approach to diet: manipulating macronutrient intake based on type of training and performance goals. However, shifting to an internal focus, prioritizing the health of the gut microbiome, could be a new frontier for a competitive edge in athletics.

Kerksick CM, Moon JM, Jäger R. Nutrients. 2024 Mar 1;16(5):720.

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